Certified Sedation Dentistry


Dental sedation can be achieved on different levels making you more relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. We offer a few options depending on your needs.

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Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas has been used for many years to mildly relax patients. It is breathed in through a regulated mask and is safe for both adults and children. After your treatment, you will breath 100% Oxygen and all of the gas will be cleared from your system allowing you to drive to and from your appointment.


Oral sedation is a mild sedative given in the form of a medication taken orally before your appointment. This is commonly referred to as "sleep dentistry", however, you are awake, walking and talking, but typically have little memory of the appointment afterward. A driver is required to and from your appointment.

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We want to provide you with a comfortable and stress-free experience. For those with fear or anxiety, we offer a few levels of sedation to make your visit easier. 


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