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A smile is a powerful thing. It’s a universal communication of happiness across all cultures and age groups. Smiling can improve people’s moods and even positively impact health. Smiles are contagious. We want to you look and feel your absolute best!

Straight teeth are more than cosmetic. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean effectively leading to premature wear, gum disease or serious periodontal disease. Over 8 million patients have chosen to straighten their teeth with Invisalign clear aligners.

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Benefits of Invisalign

Look Your Best

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible. Plus, the patented SmartTrack material makes your aligners easy to put on and take off. You can easily remove them for short periods of time for special events – or the perfect selfie.

Fast & Effective

Common dental issues like crowding, gaps, overbite and underbite, can typically be treated effectively with Invisalign. Our 3D computerized plans offer predicable results with treatment typically lasting between 12-18 months. Some patients achieve their new smile in as little as six months.

Less Pain

Unlike conventional metal braces, there are no rough corners or sharp pieces to cut or scrape the inside of your mouth. Invisalign aligners are comfortable and safe to wear during sports or while playing musical instruments.

Eat & Brush Normally

Food restrictions are not an issue with Invisalign. You can remove your aligners to eat and drink normally. Brushing and flossing is equally easy!

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