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Oral Surgery

Walker Family Dental Care


Our team is trained to place dental implants right here in our own office using the latest technology. We will provide you with a new natural looking tooth, sometimes in just one day!


Extractions may be necessary for several reasons and is the most common kind of oral surgery practiced. We can remove most wisdom teeth right here in our own office. From simple to complicated, our team can get your extractions completed while keeping you comfortable.


To make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your oral surgery appointment, we can provide you with one of three levels of dental sedation from mild to IV.

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We are able to offer a variety of oral surgery procedures right here in our own office from dental implant placement to wisdom teeth extractions. To make your experience the best possible, we can provide you with dental sedation to make you comfortable as needed during your procedure. 


Dr. Benjamin Walker D.M.D.
Walker Family Dentistry | Dr. Benjamin Walker
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